Debt Recovery

Overdue and unpaid accounts is a major problem for businesses today. Non-payment, or excessively delayed settling of accounts, can seriously damage a business. We advise on the most effective debt collection methods. We assess each and every debt submitted in detail before recommending potential courses of action.

We also act for Debtors who face legal proceedings and assist them in negotiated settlements.

As each case has to be judged on its own merits, the type of debt collection action will depend on different criteria such as the amount of the debt, the profile of the debtor and the feasibility of recovering your costs. Our experience means that you can be assured that whatever course of debt recovery action we advise for your particular debt, our approach will be honest and transparent.

J.V. Geary Solicitors provide the following Debt services:

Demand letters
Court/Litigation Proceedings
Defended Hearings
Debt enforcement
Registration of Judgements
Lodgement with the Sheriff
Investigations of the debtor for any assets
Petitioning for a winding up order of a Limited Company
Bankruptcy for individuals
Judgement Mortgages
Orders for Sale
Company Liquidations
Receiverships and Examinerships

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