Immigration Law

With the number of foreign immigrants increasing rapidly in this country over the last few years Immigration Law is now more important then ever.

We welcome to our country immigrants of various nationalities who are often in jobs in the local community. Often language can cause problems or confusion as well as the way applications to the Department of Justice are handled. Lengthy delays can arise and particularly in cases where people are unable to work because they have not achieved refugee status.

We understand that if you are not from Ireland, the Irish legal system is unfamiliar to you. That is why we are willing to explain all matters to you at length and help in all stages of any application that you require.

J.V. Geary Solicitors can assist you with the paperwork and the submission of documents. We can represent you to Government departments and subsequently, if appropriate, in cases before the Courts to assert your rights.

Some of the Immigration Law services we offer include:

Application for permission to remain in the State
Asylum Applications
Work Permits and Visas
Application for Green Card
Spouse/Dependent Employment Permits
Application for Citizenship/Naturalisation.

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